Optimize the Hybrid Effects of Mystery Shopping and Multi Channel CX Solutions

The growth of data management technology, advanced mobile developments, shifting digital economic landscapes
and evolving consumer behavior and values, have all constantly been contributing to the revolution of the market
research industry. This is evident in the increasing number of agencies or service providers who provide targeted
services (if not in combination) for mystery shopping, panel management, insights community, CX…. and so on.

Market consultants and customer experience service providers alike, are all increasingly pressured (even more than
ever before), to invest in new solutions and adapt to more effective data sourcing and mining strategies to capture not
just the right data, but also get a grasp on the nuances and underlying real intentions for a specific reaction or action.
By combining both quantitative and qualitative approaches, interpretation of results is perceived to be more whole
complete, more accurate and unbiased. For this, we need to consider the positive impact that combined Mystery
Shopping method with CX approaches can bring to the quality of insights generation.

It’s the era of high connectivity. Almost everything needs to be faster, more adaptive and data is expected to be
accessible at any time. There’s disruptions for sure, but also massive opportunities. We will discuss critical challenges
that this industry is still holding on to, and what measures we can take to turn these challenges into
opportunities. We will reveal how critical it is to combine and leverage multiple touchpoints capabilities to
significantly increase not just businesses’ ability to be more agile in this competitive landscape of ever changing
trends, but also to embrace the ample growth opportunities as part of this industry revolution in addressing voice of
customers in this exciting digital era.

Stella Kochen Susskind
Assaf Shany
Natalia Kovalenko