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Leverage next-generation U&A combining claimed data with digital behaviour

Consumer behavior can no longer be defined by traditional demographic models but by a new holistic approach. This is explained by Marco Gastaut, Managing Director SE & Latam di Toluna

What does the ASSIRM Marketing Research Forum mean for TOLUNA?

It is a moment of encounter, where we always discover something new; it is a networking opportunity to invite our clients to share part of our journey together; is a stage to present the latest news that in Toluna overlap at a fast pace, as fast as the technology progress; it is a comparison with the innovations of the competition, because everything has become fast, even the needs of companies to generate insights and the questions that our fellow researchers ask us; It is a key appointment that we have not missed since 2008, and of which we appreciate the fluid, dynamic, non-plastered formula.

The focus of this year is research as an opportunity of business growth for companies. What are the main issues of your speech at the Forum?

From a client standpoint, the expectations of those taking part in the Assirm Forum are to learn about innovative case studies which must be relevant to the respective companies and try to give an answer to the evident need to adapt to the interactions with the target audience to extract quality and actionable insights. In addition, the dynamics of the online data collection used 10 years ago must now evolve and be adapted to the new needs and lifestyles of the interviewed people. This year we will focus on Digital Tracking, which is our solution that passively measures the digital behaviors of consumers allowing, therefore, to enrich the traditional segmentation and U&A studies with digital profiles of consumers, touchpoints, research activities online, browsing and buying activities, and much more. We know that consumer behavior can no longer be defined by traditional demographic models, but there’s a clear need for a more holistic approach. Lastly, our goal is to concretely help companies to rethink the customer experience and ultimately optimize the digital experience.