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Company Profile

Founded in Trieste in 1981, SWG carefully designs and carries out market research, opinion research, institutional research, sector studies and observatories, analysing and integrating the trends and dynamics of the market, politics and society. Looking to the future and the potential of new technologies to be applied to research have been the hallmarks of the company since the beginning.
SWG supports its customers in making strategic decisions, communication and marketing, through the detection, understanding and interpretation of the thought and behavior of stakeholders, in the light of the dynamics of public opinion and social scenarios, using the most reliable and innovative methodologies at the same time.

SWG supports its customers, with a partnership approach, in making strategic decisions, communication and marketing, offering data, analysis, interpretation and added value in four processes:
1. COMPRENSION: of sedimentation and becoming, of internal and external phenomena, of the results of the activities carried out, of performance, of individual actions
2. SCENARY ANALYSIS: competitive, market, socio-economic, political
3. INNOVATION: creativity, brand, product and market, design and management of the future
4. NARRATION: storytelling, communication and media, participation, stakeholders.

SWG has its own fieldwork for carrying out investigations and specifically:
-CATI Center with more than 90 computer stations and more than 300 interviewers;
-Online search community of more than 60,000 profiled individuals;
-network of over 7,000 interviewers located throughout Italy;
-focus rooms equipped with closed circuit at the offices in Milan, Rome, Trieste.

29 Oct 2019

Il Narrative Brand Profile: un nuovo modello olistico per l’analisi dell’identità di marca

Dall’analisi allo storytelling per ottimizzare le strategie di Brand engagement.
Alessandra Dragotto