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Company Profile

Praxidia is the result of the combination of the expertise of GN Research, a European group specializing in the implementation of sophisticated marketing research and innovative Analytics tools, with the forty-year experience of Teleperformance in the management of the Omnicanale Customer Experience.

With the aim of helping companies to generate value, designing a coherent, unique and memorable experience for their stakeholders, Praxidia, through the integration of diversified skills, offers an effective mix of qualitative and quantitative market research, predictive and prescriptive analytics, process measurement, data management, enterprise feedback management, useful to understand the market of reference and to expand the knowledge of customers.

Praxidia’s main characteristics are: the centrality of the customer, the innovation of the proposed solutions, the holistic approach to the brand-customer relationship, the extreme attention to the quality of the data thanks to an internal field of excellence, the use of the most advanced technologies and the mastery in the use of the most sophisticated statistical techniques.

Keeping these principles in mind, Praxidia has organized itself into Service Lines that guarantee a high level of specialization in addressing any Business Intelligence need and that are able to integrate to meet the most complex business needs.

Marketing Insight Service Line: is the team specialized in the design and implementation of complex marketing research to support business decisions.

Enterprise Feedback Management Service Line: offers different solutions for measuring and managing CX supporting the different stakeholders in their action plans.

Analytics Service Line: specializes in Business Intelligence and predictive analysis of behavior, using proprietary and innovative tools designed to increase the value of the customer.

Analytics Service Line: specialized in Business Intelligence and in the advanced analysis of Big Data, using proprietary and innovative tools aimed at developing the value of the customer.

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29 Oct 2019

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Le fonti informative presenti in azienda sono per lo più “company centric”: riguardano come si esplicita il rapporto tra il cliente e l’azienda con poche informazioni sugli aspetti esogeni che...
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