Norstat Italia

Piazzale Biancamano, 8, 20121 Milano

+39 02 6203 2019

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Company Profile

Norstat is a well-established European company that has been operating in the field of Market Research Services for over 20 years, with headquarters in Norway and offices in 11 other European countries.

It has more than 200 employees located throughout Europe

It has been present in Italy since 2016 with an office in Milan.

It has a database of names in 18 European countries, connecting the right interlocutors: companies and consumers, politicians and voters, publishers and the public.

It works with the major players in the world of national and international market research, providing them with data and insights of excellent quality.

It constantly checks the quality of the interviews it collects, analyses open-ended questions and takes action against panelists whose behaviour does not comply with the company’s quality policies

It has many years of experience in programming online questionnaires using the best software on the market (CONFIRMIT and DECIPHER).

Develops ad hoc solutions, protects concepts and mokeups through the latest algorithms (watermark, inhibition of download buttons, ….)


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Abbiamo intervistato Francesco Renga, Country Manager di Norstat ospite il 29 ottobre all’Assirm Marketing Research Forum