Via Lessolo, 3 10153 Torino (TO)


Jacopo Sacco –  jsacco@tbsgroup.it

Company Profile

lefac.com is the first Italian platform to group all the information from the world of advertising into a single service.

We analyze the market by selecting the major advertising companies, the most important decision makers to help our customers develop their own New Business.

The constant updating of all data is our strength and allows us to optimize the business strategy, prepare the best appointments and save time in the search for the right prospect.

In addition, the addition of information on social networks, advertising investments, race history and news from the world of communication completes our offer.

All accessible from any device and at any time of day with personalized access.

The presence in all European countries identifies us as the international reference player as a supplier of data for the world of communication.

In addition, with the addition of HR data, we provide information on the decision makers of Human Resources, offering our customers a comprehensive overview of the corporate landscape and internal communication.