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Company Profile

GfK integrates science and knowledge. Thanks to innovative research solutions, we are able to provide answers to strategic questions about consumers, markets and the media – about the current situation and the future scenario.

We are a company founded in Germany more than 80 years ago, with teams of experts from all over the world, solid experience and advanced scientific knowledge in data processing and interpretation. Our industry-leading role enables us to have an in-depth understanding of consumers in each of the local markets where we operate..

Starting from the analysis of proprietary and third-party data, we offer companies insights and recommendations that are easily applicable to their business. A reliable research and analysis partner, GfK supports its customers around the world in knowledge-based growth through innovative solutions and fast, efficient processes that provide a real competitive advantage. GfK: Growth from Knowledge.

Day 1
29 Oct 2019

Consumer Insight Engine: get inside the mind of the Tech consumer!

La saturazione della domanda, il ciclo di vita sempre più breve dei prodotti, l’incremento della concorrenza, il calo dei prezzi e i consumatori sempre più orientati all’omnichannel sono sfide quotidiane...
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