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Via Michele Barozzi, 6 20122 Milano

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Sara Simonetto

Company Profile

Eumetra MR, Institute of Social and Market Research, supports the projects of innovation and distinctiveness of the Client Companies. Founded in 2015 by senior consultants with a consolidated expertise in research, to date, has worked with over 240 customers and managed more than 500 projects.

Eumetra MR outlines intelligent survey paths to support marketing, communication and customer strategy decisions, using classic (quantitative and qualitative) and innovative methodologies.

Its strengths:

– Competence and expertise: a group of senior experts in different markets, with the ability to manage complex problems, consulting and communication.
– Specialisation in Brand & Com research: brand communication and positioning, values that count in social change, the value of the media and messages.
– Specialisation in CX research: what makes the experience memorable for consumers today, as models for measuring experience.
– Specialisation in product and service innovation: the segments and concepts of innovation, the conditions that maximise their purchase.
– Specialisation in the markets: Automotive, Finance, FMCG, Healthcare, Energy and Environment, Media, Entertainment, Betting, PPAA & Sociopolitical, TLC/ICT.
– Strong proprietary knowledge management system: has the most complete system of proprietary surveys to read the change in different sectors. This makes the Institute proactive in advising each client on its specific strategic, marketing and communication problems.

The Institute operates nationally and internationally, both as a partner in international networks and as a coordinator of European and global activities.

29 Oct 2019

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