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Company Profile

Checker Software Systems is a SaaS company offering integrated Professional Platform for Mystery Shopping Providers and CX / VoC Researchers.

Founded in 2005, Checker began as one of the pioneers in the Mystery Shopping software development. The founder, Mr. Mor Alon (CEO & CTO) has more than 20 years of experience in data technology and innovative integrated solutions.

Together with Assaf Shany (COO of Checker) a market research industry expert, their combined partnership and great passion in helping businesses achieve operational excellence through automation and digitalization has brought extensive expansion to Checker, it’s clients and digital research industry as a whole.

Over the years, the platform has grown exponentially with more advanced features that combines Mystery Shopping with CX / VoC measurements through CAPI, CATI, Online Surveys, Email Surveys, SMS Surveys and Retail Audits.

As of today, Checker is known for its integration package which includes multichannel data collection, full operational workflow and unified reporting tools – all in one powerful platform.

The ability of Checker to provide end-to-end enterprise-level solutions and excellent customer service has won its global recognition worldwide, reaching new partners and clients across 4 continents.

Day 1
29 Oct 2019

Optimize the Hybrid Effects of Mystery Shopping and Multi Channel CX Solutions

The growth of data management technology, advanced mobile developments, shifting digital economic landscapes and evolving consumer behavior and values, have all constantly been contributing to the revolution of the market...
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Stella Kochen Susskind
Assaf Shany
Natalia Kovalenko

Una piattaforma di Mystery Shopping e Misurazioni Multicanale CX per ottimizzare le ricerche

Intervista a Natalia Kovalenko, Account Manager di Checker in previsione della sua partecipazione all’Assirm Marketing Research Forum, che si terrà il 29 ottobre 2019 presso Palazzo Mezzanotte a Milano.