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Company Profile

BVA Doxa is synonymous with market research and public opinion in Italy. To respond to the continuous and diverse needs expressed by customers, BVA Doxa has built over the years a comprehensive and articulated system of methods, techniques and analysis tools. BVA Doxa’s commitment is to continue to design innovative research solutions by constantly investing to offer customers more effective decision support. BVA Doxa controls DoxaPharma, born from the union of a team of managers with consolidated experience in the field of research for pharmaceutical companies.

BVA Doxa is part of the BVA Group ( BVA Group is a research and consulting company, ranked among the top 20 agencies worldwide. More than 100 leading brands use BVA’s behavioural knowledge, including the solutions of the award-winning Global Nudge Unit, to offer their customers an effective and straightforward Customer Journey and to design successful new products and services.

BVA Doxa is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been awarded the Assirm Quality Certification.

BVA Doxa is a founding member of the Gallup International Association and WIN – The Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research. Together, these networks represent more than 75 countries and the president of WIN is Vilma Scarpino, CEO of BVA Doxa. Since 2009, BVA Doxa has been the Italian partner of IMSA, an international network of leading companies in mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys, present with its partners in 125 countries.

Day 1
29 Oct 2019

Nudge: le scienze comportamentali come driver per influenzare gli atteggiamenti di consumatori, shopper e stakeholder

Che cos’è il “nudge”? Il nudge è una piccola “spinta” che aiuta le persone ad adottare un certo tipo di comportamento. Il concetto di nudge nasce dagli studi del premio...
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